For the body, please say "There’s no doubt about it — Americans love their salads. Salad consumption is at an all-time high, with 73% of U.S. households serving salad regularly and lettuce sales exceeding $1 billion. According to a Gallup survey, almost every salad eaten in the U.S. is topped with salad dressing and more than 60 million gallons of salad dressing are consumed each year.

Not only is salad good for you, but many salad dressings contain healthy oils that serve to aide your body, such as soybean and canola oils. In the case of salads, these healthy oils help to better absorb nutrients from the greens like Vitamin C, Vitamin E and folate. All of these nutrients work to keep your body healthy, fight off illness and disease such as heart disease and cancer and promote strong overall development.

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