These gorgeous 'salad cakes' make eating your veggies extra fun

Today Show

It seems like all of the wacky-yet-wonderful food creations we hear about out of Japan involve fast food or chocolate—or both, as in the case of these recent chocolate-covered fries.

But the latest food craze out of Japan is decidedly more healthful: salad cakes.

Yes, Vegedeco Salad Café, a shop dedicated to vegetable cakes that look stunningly like their sweet counterparts, opened on Tuesday in the city of Nagoya, about 200 miles west of Tokyo. It's the brainchild of Mitsuki Moriyasu, a long-time food stylist and yoga instructor, who aims to make salad "fun to look at" and "fun to eat." Moriyasa told she first came up with the idea at the French restaurant that she's been running in town for 30 years. Read more.

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